Pre-Applications for  the 2021 Renaissance Block Challenge Grant Now Available

The Renaissance Block Challenge Grant encourages groups of neighbors to collaborate on exterior improvements to their properties in order to begin revitalizing  Oswego’s neighborhoods and inspire others to reinvest


Participating property owners in a Renaissance Block are eligible for Matching funds (a dollar-for-dollar match, up to $1,000, for exterior improvements, for each property owner). This is a matching grant. If $500 is spent, for example, a $250 match will be made. If $2,000 (or more) is spent, the match is $1,000. 



Grant are awarded competitively, and funded based upon the availability of funding and the number and quality of applications received.

How to Participate for 2021


Look to see if your neighborhood is in one of the Target Zones. Streets in target zones are especially encouraged to apply.


If you decide to apply for the Renaissance Block Challenge for 2021,form a cluster of at least FIVE neighboring property owners who intend to perform exterior work to their properties–including landscaping, exterior painting, porch repair, walkway/sidewalk repair, and lighting. Homeowners and landlords may apply. Neighbors submitting pre-applications on time then meet with an ORA representative to prepare and submit a detailed, final application. Designation of 2021 Renaissance Blocks will occur in Mid-May, 2021.


1. Tips for a Competitive Final Application





The Neighborhood Renaissance Block Challenge was made possible in 2021 by financial support from the following (growing) list:


The Richard S. Shineman Foundation     |    Pathfinder Bank

SUNY Oswego  | Novelis Oswego   |  Oswego County Federal Credit Union |


Community Bank |  Gary Shanley | Operation Oswego County | Phi Lambda Phi |

Celia Sgroi 


Oswego Renaissance Association / / Oswego, NY 13126