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Renaissance Block Challenge Grants Awarded to 17 City Blocks


From Breitbeck Park to Old East Bridge, from Kingsford Park to Fitzhugh--  Over 150 families, homeowners and landlords from all over the City of Oswego are collaborating to beautify and renew their streets this year. Seventeen neighborhoods for 2015. Time, energy and hundreds of thousands of dollars will be poured into renewing Oswego's neighborhoods this Year. Last Year, 13 neighborhoods representing 96 homes completed work! Altogether, hundreds of properties and 30 neighborhoods working for a better Oswego! Please congratulate your friends and neighbors for successfully applying for the Block Challenge Grants this year! 


The Renaissiance Block Challenge Grant encourages groups of neighbors to collaborate on exterior improvements to their properties in order to begin revitalizing  Oswego’s neighborhoods and inspire others to reinvest.  Learn more. 




2015 Renaissance Block Challenge Grant Awardees


2014 Renaissance Block Challenge Grant Awardees



The Neighborhood Renaissance Block Challenge was made possible in 2014 by financial support from the following:


The Richard S. Shineman Foundation


Pathfinder Bank

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