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Building Grants for


Growing Blocks!




What Is Available?


     There are several grants that are available to your block that you can apply for each year. Some, like Paint Oswego or Neighborhood Pride, are the same as those available to everyone. But others, like Fast Track Pride Grants, are available only for blocks that have completed the Renaissance Block Challenge. Such programs have an asterisk (*) indicated next to them. See below:


1. Fast Track Pride Grant* : A small grant ($500 or less), available for your whole street, that you can use to fund any number of things that build your neighborhood. You can apply any time. Fill out a simple form and funding decision is rapid (< 1 week). Projects can include funding hanging flower baskets, landscaping, painting parties, beautification of a local park, planting trees, block parties, seasonal decorations, or other projects that you come up with. Contact the ORA to inquire before you apply, then DOWNLOAD THE APPLICATION FORM.


2. Neighborhood Pride Grants: Larger grants (usually $3,000 or less), available for your whole street, that are similar to Fast Track Pride Grants but on a larger scale. There are are more transformative  in nature and are competitively reviewed on an annual basis, usually in APRIL. You can apply for these even if you have received other Pride Grants.  Please see details on the NEIGHBORHOOD PRIDE GRANT PAGE.


3. Paint Oswego Grants: A matching grant for up to $1000 that a single property owner can apply to repaint their home in historic colors. Available on 1st come, 1st serve basis. Please see details on the PAINT OSWEGO PAGE.


4. Block Challenge Grants: If you have already participated in a Renaissance Block Challenge grant, you may be eligible to participate again after a 2-year period (for example, if you participated in 2015, you might be eligible again in 2017). However,  at least 50% of the homes in the application must be new.  Please contact the ORA before applying. Please see the RENAISSANCE BLOCK CHALLENGE PAGE. 

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