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ORA Informational Meeting 

When: Saturday Mar 5th, 4:00-5:30PM

Where: Web based (Zoom/virtual)

Join us and learn how to apply!


   The ORA will be hosting a virtual, web-based meeting to explain how to apply for the Renaissance Block Challenge and related ORA grant programs. During the meeting, ORA Director Paul Stewart will provide a broad outline of the purpose of the programs and discuss how your City of Oswego neighborhood could benefit. There will also be a Question and Answer Session.

To be eligible to participate in  this meeting, please note:

1. You should live in, or within a few blocks of, the Target Areas shown at the bottom of this page. OR:
2. If you don't meet the above criterion, email the ORA in advance to see if your block can still be considered. We have worked with      blocks outside the Target Zones many times. 
3. Please familiarize yourself with the basics by reading the Renaissance Block Challenge Page.

4. EMAIL the ORA to request registration to attend. You will receive a response with more information (generally within 24 hours).

Because space is limited, please contact us to register as soon as possible. You will need to know how to use ZOOM. If you do not know how to use Zoom, we will find an alternative to the meeting for you where you can get the information you need. 

Target Zones are neighborhood areas in Oswego that will be prioritized for funding in the first several years of ORA programs. There are 4 Target Zones in the City of Oswego. These target zones were chosen by an independent neighborhood revitalization consulting firm (CZB, llc), and are based upon a Neighborhood Revitalization Plan for Oswego. If you neighborhood is inside a Target Zone, your application will receive special consideration.  For more information on what being inside or outside of a target zone means, see Target Zone FAQ.

Map of  Oswego City Neighborhoods Targeted for Revitalization        

Detailed Maps of Targeted Areas 

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