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Washington Square Playground (East Park) recieves $40,000 upgrade



Novelis Oswego, Oswego resident volunteers, the City of Oswego and the Oswego Renaissance Association worked together on a Pride Project to transform Washington Square Playground in Oswego's East Side.


Working closely with the City of Oswego Planning Director Amy Birdsall, and 6th Ward Councilor  Eric Van Buren, the ORA used funds rom Novelis for a Pride Grant to provide over $40,000 in new, state of the art playground equipment and landscaping for Washington Park.


City of Oswego residents and neighbors were actively involved in the project -- helping install equipement and spread mulch over a 2 day period in late October. Novelis employees, many Oswego residents themselves, played a huge role in the entire operation.


Longtime residents, Novelis emplyees and City Staff did Oswego proud.  Special thanks to Bethany Lighthall, Katherine Toomey, Eric Enwright and Chris Smith from Novelis for making this project possible.  Also major thank you to James Babcock and Nick Duval from City of Oswego Parks and Recreation worked under an amazingly compressed schedule to make this happen.  Big thank you to both Novelis employees and City of Oswego residents (many of whom are both!) for incredible hard work. 



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