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More Examples of Neighborhood Pride Grants


Examples of Pride Grants for Improving Individual  Neighborhood Streets



Picket Fences

Curb Gardens (plantings between sidewalk and street)

Pavers or Bricks to Line Sidewalks, Paths or Gardens

Bricks to edge gardens and greenspace

Landscape Lighting

Lamp Posts

New House Numbers


Flower boxes

Planter Boxes

Hanging Planters


Removing asphalt/concrete on curbs/lawns and restoring Greenspace*

Intersection Beautification (flowers or shrubs in corner spaces)

Side Walk Repair*

Tree Plantings

Flowers and Plants

Hedge and Shrub Planting

Porch Projects (multiple repairs/upgrades  to porches in the neighborhood)

Painting Supplies for Neighborhood-Wide Exterior Summer Painting Projects

Seasonal/Holiday Decorations (LED candles for windows in neighborhood houses)

Dumpster Rental for Neighborhood and Yard Clean Ups

Neighborhood Gateway Signage*

MANY MORE that your neighbors can think of yourself to improve your street


Examples of Pride Projects for Events for Neighborhoods


Block Party Supplies (food, decorations, equipment)

Resources to fund event in a local Park  (small concerts, musical events, children's play events)*

Resources for Historic House Tours (promotion, branding, advertising, brochures)

MANY MORE that your neighbors can think of for your neighborhood


Example of Pride Grants for Parks, Public Spaces or Lots*


Trees, Plants, Mulch, Soil for Playgrounds

Painting supplies for Playground Equipment or Infrastructure



Park Benches

Fountains (acquisition or repair)


Playground Equipment (or repair)

New or repaired Fencing

Upgraded Fencing (from Chain Link to Wood or higher quality)


Pavers or Bricks to Line Sidewalks

Bricks to edge gardens and greenspace

Holiday Tree for Parks (including electric routing and supply for seasonal lighting)

Supplies and resources to Board/Repair/Clean Up Abandoned Buildings

MANY MORE that your neighbors can think of for your neighborhood


Examples of Pride Grants for Neighborhood-Wide Identity and Organization


Logo Development for Neighborhoods

Newsletter Printing and other expenses

Website Development and Maintenance

"Oversignage" and for neighborhood districts on Street Signs (i.e.; Oak Hill, etc)*

MANY MORE that your neighbors can think of for your neighborhood


Examples of Pride Grants for Big Impact Buildings/Houses in the Neighborhood (Churches, large multifamily dwellings, Neighborhood Offices and Businesses, severely blighted properties that affect the whole neighborhood, etc)


** See Special Eligibility Requirements for Big Impact Grants


Tree Planting

Landscaping/Tree Planting to buffer parking lots from residential space


Facade Repair


Yard Work

Porch Repair

Shutter and Window Upgrades


Any Exterior beautification done in coordination with neighbors


* Projects on public space (City Property) may require permission and coordination with the City of Oswego. Contact the ORA for details.




The Neighborhood Pride Grants have been made possible by financial support from the following:



The Richard S. Shineman Foundation


Novelis Oswego


Pathfinder Bank

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