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Interested in Becoming Involved in the Oswego Renaissance Association?

     The efforts of the Oswego Renaissance Association (ORA) to revitalize Oswego's neighborhoods are multi-pronged. We work at the strategic level with local institutions, businesses, banks, foundations, and city government. In addition, parallel activities are carried out at the grassroots levels by local residents who represent their neighborhoods. 


     Whether you are a business leader who sees  value in a growing middle class in revitalized neighborhoods, or a resident who believes it is time to take charge of their block and work with the ORA and other neighbors to begin important work to stabilize and revitalize your neighborhood, we would like to hear from you.


  At the present time, we are particularly interested in recruiting residents who represent a broad spectrum of neighborhoods across the City of Oswego.  We are also interested in local employers and business leaders who wish to explore the ways they can be involved. 



CONTACT US by email


Or write:


Paul Stewart

Director, Oswego Renaissance Association

453 Mahar Hall

State University of New York at Oswego

Oswego, NY 



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